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Are you the one who is searching for the best Refrigerator Repair & Services in Mohali? Look no further; refrigerator repair and services Mohali is here to help you. 

A refrigerator is the lifeline of your kitchen room in today’s world for keeping the food cool. This cooling tendency of the Refrigerator helps food stay fresh for longer.

But what will happen if your fridge stops working correctly? In this case, you’ll need a technician so that the food you store in the Refrigerator will not deteriorate. You can call our experts or professionals if you face any such issues. 

Refrigerator Repair & Services in Mohali

We are Proficient in Fixing Issues Like

1.  Ice pile-up in the Refrigerator

A freezer is the storage space for ice, but it should not contain ice pile-up. Leaving the freezer open for much time could cause a pile-up of ice.

2. Refrigerator is Not Cooling

It is probably the general issue that people face due to manifold reasons:

  • The evaporator fan motor is not working, 
  • The condenser fan motor is not working, 
  • Start delay, 
  • Start capacitor, 
  • Temperature control thermostat, 
  • Dust in condenser coils, 
  • A defect on the thermistor, 
  • Compressor issue, 
  • Main control board, and
  • Temperature control board

3. Refrigerator Leaking Water

There might be various reasons for leaking WaterWater, and it is happening due to the following:

  • Water tank assembly, 
  • Water inlet valve, 
  • Freezing or clogged defrost drain, 
  • Drain pan, and
  • Water filter head

4. Refrigerator Making Noise

The fridge should operate at a volume that doesn’t intrude on your daily life. If your Refrigerator is making too much noise, it is due to one of its fans which is not working. 

5. High Electricity Consumption

If you’re noticing a sudden escalation in your home’s bill, there might be an issue with your Refrigerator. One of the reasons may be that it is a highly intensive energy appliance in your home, and its usage can significantly impact your home’s energy bill. 

6. Light Not Working

The light present in the fresh foods compartment leverages what you see inside. But it can be prone to damage. 

Flash services offer the best fridge repair in Mohali and aid in finding top experts according to your requirement. We are proficient in the following: 

  • Debugging all types of issues in numerous brands at an affordable rate.
  • Skilled and verified service providers. 

Flash services are the primary choice of people looking for fridge repair services. With our experts’ help, we can provide our customers with their convenience. 

Brands that We Repair

We at Flash Services repair brands that include Whirlpool, Toshiba, Videocon, Hitachi, LG, Samsung, and Haier (you can include other brands also that you repair.

Types of Refrigerators that We Repair

The experts at Flash Services offer repair for two types of refrigerators

1. Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Consists of two doors whose opening point is at the centre. One side is the freezer, and the other side is the Refrigerator. You can call our technicians if you are facing any issues, and our technicians will be at your doorstep to assist you. 

2. Single Door Refrigerator

The freezer is located above the food storage compartment in a single-door refrigerator. The upfront door in the fridge locks the cooling ambience inside the fridge. This type of Refrigerator is easy to repair and doesn’t require massive amounts. 

3. Double Door Refrigerator

Double-door refrigerators are fabricated with multiple tiers and drawers. If you are looking for refrigerator repair near me, you can simply reach out to our experts and get the repair done with the help of just one phone call.

4. Top Freezer Refrigerator

You can see the freezer at the top and the Refrigerator at the bottom having separate doors for each top and bottom portion. And if you encounter any issues with this type of Refrigerator, our experts can fix your issues with our quality work and services. 

Perks of Choosing Us

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Experienced technician
  • Genuine spare parts of the fridge
  • Doorstep service
  • Affordable rate

Final Words

If you’re facing any problems with your home’s Refrigerator, you are just one phone call away from us. Reach out or book an appointment and let us serve you at your doorstep.